Realtor Ottawa | FAQ’s
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What is the purpose of this website?


This website was designed to give Ottawa Realtors the opportunity to advertise in many ways. Our team will be hard at work to rank this webpage on first page on Google within the next 3 months. The results will come because of previous projects that have projected amazing results. We had 2 website that we ranked on 1st page on Google in the top 3 within 3 months of doing SEO designed to rank the website organically.




Will the ad prices ever change?


The prices of the ads will increase with the progress of ranking Realtor Ottawa. The higher we rank the more expensive it will cost to advertise.




How many ad spots will be available?


At the moment there will only be 9 ad spaces and 1 main horizontal banner on the main page. There will be limited space to anyone looking to buy the ad space. We are not looking to add more than 9 ad spaces + 1. If you’re looking to buy ad space at the lower price right now you can always rent it out in the future and make money that way.




Will the progress of the website be tracked?


Yes. We will have a section that will have the SERP ranking of which will update every month with analytics and statistics on how the website is performing. We are trying to rank first page for the keyword “Ottawa Real Estate”. It get’s searched approx 12,000 a month on




Will my ad price per month ever increase?


No. As long as your payments go through every month the price you purchase the ad space for will never increase.




Can I rent my ad space to someone else?


Yes. What you do with your ad space is up to you. You will never lose the spot unless you skip your monthly payment. If you fail to pay your monthly rate your ad space will be vacant to the next client waiting in queue.